Suicide Squad might have dropped a number of bombshells and Easter eggs throughout the movie. But could fans have missed one major Harley Quinn reveal? Did the movie contain a possible game changing spoiler for the sequel?

In the movie’s climactic scene, Enchantress – Spoiler Alert! – showed the “Worst. Heroes. Ever.” visions of their heart’s desire. Harley Quinn had a vision of seemingly ordinary domestic bliss. She saw in  her head a “normal” version of herself and the Joker with a baby. However, could this scene have been just a clue pointing to a reveal from an earlier part of the movie?

The movie touched on the Joker’s relationship with Harley Quinn a bit. It showed snippets from their shared past. Harley Quinn revealed just how in love she is with him. The Joker meanwhile went to enormous lengths just to save her. However, was there actually a bigger reason why they cared for each other so much? Could the baby in Harley Quinn’s vision actually be real? Could she have been pregnant that whole time?

The Joker might not exactly make for the World’s Best Dad. However, according to Cinema Blend, a baby might not be outside the realm of possibility for him and Harley Quinn. What major clue did fans miss while watching the movie?

One scene showed the Joker lying on the floor surrounded by what appears to look like a womb made of knives and guns. However, before the camera pulled away from him completely, baby clothes could be seen in the corner of the room. Could this be a clue that Harley Quinn’s actually actually expecting?

Suicide Squad isn’t the first to touch on Harley Quinn’s possible pregnancy, though. Her baby with the Joker has also been explored in other parts of the DC Universe.

Meanwhile, critics all praised Margot Robbie’s performance as Harley Quinn. Will the Australian actress really return for the sequel with a baby in tow? No word as of yet to confirm this. Stay tuned for updates.

Suicide Squad is still in theaters.