Suicide Squad‘s success at the box office was bittersweet. Despite most DC fans giving the film an appreciative nod, critics weren’t so kind. Will the negative reviews affect the return of one of the characters in future films? If a Suicide Squad 2 happens, will Jared Leto give up The Joker?

At this point, nothing is for certain. Suicide Squad was meant as a standalone film and no sequel is confirmed. However, if indeed a follow up happens, The Joker’s appearance is questionable.

Movieweb reports on this possibility. The source cites a Tumblr account who relayed the actor’s thoughts on his Suicide Squad role. Movieweb cites the account as follows.

“He was very honest about the film this weekend; his disappointment in what he’s learned of the theatrical cut (he’s still not seen the film); feeling sort of tricked into being a part of something that had been pitched to him very differently; thinking it would’ve been more artistic than what it became; feeling overwhelmed by the hate regarding the look and choices…”

Leto spoke about the issue in a fan meetup for his band, 30 seconds to Mars.

Although the source didn’t share a direct quote from the actor, the disappointment aspect is pretty evident. Hence, it makes one wonder if Leto would still consider returning for future films on the DCEU.

Will another actor take on The Joker? Only time can tell.

Suicide Squad 2: The possibilities

It would be disappointing not to see The Joker in Suicide Squad 2. Nevertheless, although Leto expressed his disappointment, there’s still a huge possibility he’ll return for the sequel.

One character who is certain to return, though, is Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. The actress expressed her willingness to return to Suicide Squad sequels, if they ever happen.

In one of their reports last year, Cinema Blend relayed that Robbie didn’t see a boring aspect to Harley Quinn. Hence, she can see herself play the role for years to come.

With that said, having another actor replace Leto as The Joker is a disappointment. Leto and Robbie shared good chemistry as the King and Queen of Gotham.

Check back for more news on a potential Suicide Squad 2 film.