The possibility of a Suicide Squad 2 movie could not be discounted despite the performance of its prequel.

Should there be a part two for the ragtag team of villains, many believe Harley Quinn should lead Amanda Weller’s crew in redeeming themselves. Warner Bros. is already seriously considering a Harley Quinn standalone movie. However, she could still join Suicide Squad 2.

Margot Robbie played the role of Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad movie. The character could be both the best and the worst in some aspects.

Why is Harley the best choice to lead Suicide Squad 2?

She is a very skillful woman. Although she doesn’t possess any superpowers like Wonder Woman, she has the talent to take down her opponent.

Harley Quinn has simple but deadly choice of arsenal. In the latest DC movie, the former psychiatrist used an oversized mallet, a large pistol and a baseball bat. As for Suicide Squad 2, she could use a potion given by her best friend Poison Ivy.

This man-obsessed clown has not always been a bad girl. According to Cinema Blend, Harley has been trying to have a fresh start in life by staying away from The Joker. CB cited the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic book prequel wherein Harley is working alongside Green Arrow and Black Canary during Superman’s reign of terror.

Even celebrities love Harley. Fellow Australian actress Ruby Rose pleads to Robbie on Twitter, hoping that she could complete her Suicide Squad comic book collection with a strand of the Clown Princess’ hair.

Why Harley Quinn could be the worst character of Suicide Squad 2?

Technically, all of them are criminals. They, however, decided to join Weller’s team to do high-risk missions for the United States government post-Superman’s death.

Screen Rant noted that Harley will look bad beyond the silver screen when a young girl looks up to her as a role model. Harley’s life revolves around her obsession with a psychotic man. Her dysfunctional relationship with The Joker is not the kind of inspiration that any child should wish to pursue in life.

The site added a young girl impersonating Harley for Halloween could make parents faint. This supervillain outfit is made up of skimpy glittery short and torn fishnet stockings.