Pokemon GO has created a massive trend among young and young at hearts. However, gamers might feel frustration upon not finding rare kinds of Pokemon. Well, worry no more because various outlets are now giving tips and tricks to catch them.

Players have probably caught quite a number of Pokemons but are still searching for the rare and legendary types such as Mewtwo and Vaporeon. However, they must have had encounters with the same type many times.

For that, Morning Ticker has an advice for all aspiring Pokemon masters. First of all, in order to catch the rare ones, players must hit level 10.

Those who just tried the game recently need not worry because reaching such level is quite easy. Aside from that, gamers must be hitting Poke stops as well.

So how do you find a Pokemon? Just click on the “nearby” menu on the bottom right of your screen. Then, the game will show all the Pokemon species within the area.

Players have to catch Pokemons by walking. Then, they must master the art of catching. The game also teaches Pokemon GO players to be patient while aiming at one.

Meanwhile, the website states that Niantic will soon release the ultra rare finds such as Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mew and Ditto. Fans and enthusiasts just need to cross their fingers and hope that it will be out soon.

As for Mew, Reddit users are still trying to decode the trick on how to catch the only Mythic type of Pokemon. They are still debating whether players must reach level 30 or 40 to catch the elusive creature.

Niantic might announce the next line of Pokemon species that will be available at the San Diego Comic-Con, notes ComicBook, so stay tuned.

On the other hand, players gathered in Central Park, NY upon a rare sighting of Vaporeon. According to Independent, “all hell broke loose” after the one-of-a-kind encounter.

Niantic released Pokemon GO as an augmented reality and free-to-play mobile game weeks ago, and the craze continues. Readers could catch more of the tricks and tips here and here.