During a live EU debate on Sky News tonight, a student grilled David Cameron as he spoke about the EU referendum by pointing out that he had “personal experience” of avoiding tax. She candidly spoke about how his campaign has been in “complete shambles”. She also humiliated the Prime Minister by saying, “I’ve seen you interrupt many people. I know waffling when I see it.”

Mr Cameron faced the embarrassing moment when he started taking questions from students in Devon. He was asked on a range of topics, including Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation, the Tata Steel crisis, the government’s decision to reimburse £9 million of taxpayer’s money and tuition fees.

While he was inundated by students present at the debate with a slew of questions, a Southhampton student by the name of Soraya Bouazzaoui prompted laughter at the show by asking him, “What do you think the collective states of the EU should be doing to combat tax avoidance—which is obviously something you’ve got some personal experience of.”

As reported by the Independent, Mr Cameron responded to the rally by saying there is a need for action to tackle tax avoidance. He highlighted the G8 meeting in Northern Ireland when made tax and transparency a vital issue.

Since the past week, the prime minister has been facing a number of questions with regards to his family’s tax affairs, particularly his late father, Ian Cameron, who was actually the director of an offshore island, as leaked by Panama Papers.

Soraya’s bold statement against the prime minister was greeted with appreciation on a social networking site. Elena Clowes took to Twitter to write, “Look the English Lit student telling David Cameron ‘I know waffling when I see it.’”

Another person wrote, “David Cameron is getting an absolute grilling on Sky News. I’m in love with the English lit student who knows waffling when she sees it,” states Mirror.