Guile is now available for download on Street Fighter V, and along with that are some balance tweaks in the game.

Guile was the second DLC character to arrive for Street Fighter V, with the first being Alex from Street Fighter III. Along with Guile, the Air Force Base, Guile’s stage will also become available on the DLC. Guile will be free for a limited time along with Alex until the in-game shop will become available. Once it is online, the free characters will have to be purchased via fight money that are acquired during gameplay or via real money.

Aside from Guile, the new Rage Quit penalty system will be implemented in the game that penalizes players with force quit in a match, and with the new system, players will be blocked from the matchmaking for a limited time.

Below are some of the fixes found in the latest game update:

  • Bug: After dishing out Ryu & Vega’s (no claw) C. LP or M. Bisions C. LK, while doing a light attack rapid cancel at the absolute latest timing possible, if you input another action (V-Skill, Special Move, etc.) at the same time, if the opponent does an attack the “other action” will come out, and when the opponent does nothing, the rapid cancel attack will come out, creating a special option select.
    • Fix: Made the rapid cancel timing of said moves 1F shorter.
  • Bug: In the guard animation branch of Ryu’s C. HK, there was a counter box that was present up to the 13th frame. Therefore, during this time it was possible to eat counter damage.
    • Fix: Adjusted the counter box on Ryu’s C. HK so that it is no longer present after the hitbox is no longer active.
  • Bug: In Ken’s C. LP (including rapid cancels), for the 3 frames that it takes for the hitbox to become active, there wasn’t a crouching state set to the move. This allowed moves that are only intended to hit standing opponents to hit Ken.
    • Fix: Adjusted the first 3 frames of Ken’s C. LP (including rapid cancels) so that Ken is in crouching state.

You can read the entire patch notes at the Capcom Unity website. Street Fighter V is now available for the PS4 and PC.