Stephen King is among the things the first season of Stranger Things seems to have drawn inspiration from. The new show features the same horror elements of some of King’s stories. Even the show’s title opening also features the font straight out of a Stephen King novel cover. Will Stranger Things Season 2 actually feature a plot line from one of King’s most famous novels?

The show’s co-creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, has yet to confirm what the show’s next season will actually be about. However, they did reveal just how big a role Stephen King had in bringing their show to life. Or rather, how King’s novel It made it possible for them to come up with Stranger Things.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Duffer brothers explained how they first approached Warner Bros. to ask for permission to make a reboot for King’s novel It.

Matt explained how the studio flatly denied their request a long time ago. However, he and his brother kept at it.

“There were a lot of different discussions we were having around this time… a lot of it centered around how exciting TV was becoming and how cinematic it was,” Ross said. “Certainly one of those discussions brought us back to It and how we wish it was an eight- or ten-hour miniseries.” This, he explained, was how they came up with the idea for their show.

The studio did greenlight the It reboot eventually, though. But they chose another director to handle the project. The Duffer brothers, on the other hand, got to work on Stranger Things for Netflix instead.

Meanwhile, the iconic novelist himself seems to like the hit show from Netflix. King took to Twitter to praise what the Duffer brothers have achieved on the small screen. He also likened the show to watching his own “Greatest Hits.”

Will the show’s next installment really explore a story arc from one of King’s many novels? No word as of yet to confirm this. Meanwhile, Netflix has yet to confirm a premiere date for Stranger Things Season 2. Stay tuned for updates.