Stranger Things Season 2 star Mille Bobby Brown shows off her singer talent once again. This time, it was not on the stage but on a Starbucks drive-thru.

Brown shared on Instagram a video of her with her dad while placing a coffee order at Starbucks. Instead of simply saying her order, the young actress sang it to the tune of Adele’s hit single Hello.

“Can I have a venti latte / And a caramel frappuccino? / Oh, please!” she can be heard singing, replacing Hello’s original lyric with her words. Brown was then seen covering her face as though in disbelief of what she did. Towards the end of the clip, she can still be heard singing Hello at the back of the car.

Brown tagged Adele in her post. The chart-topping singer did not totally snub the Stranger Things Season 2 star. Adele just hasn’t posted any response to Brown’s post yet.

This is not the first time fans have seen Brown’s talent in music. She sang Nicki Minaj’s Monster for Jimmy Fallon. She also performed Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk at the Emmys pre-show. Brown was also featured in a music video of Sigma titled  Find Me. 

Watch Stranger Things Season 2 star Mille Bobby Brown performances below.

The 12-year-old actress rose to fame for playing the role of Eggo-loving kid Eleven in the Netflix original hit series Stranger Things. Her character has been one of the fan favorites not only because of her psychokinetic ability but also because of her innocent and kind personality.

Stranger Things actor David Harbour earlier teased that Eleven will be coming back in Season 2. Many fans feared that Eleven will not be in the upcoming season since she disappeared in the finale of Season 1. However, towards that end of the final episode, it was teased that Eleven could be alive since Chief Jim Hooper (Harbour) was seen leaving some Eggos in the woods.

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So far, the only character who has been confirmed not to come back in Season 2 is Barb (Shannon Purser).

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Meanwhile, the Duffer brothers have also announced that new characters would also come in the second season, The Hollywood Reporter noted.

Netflix has yet to announce the official premiere date of Stranger Things Season 2. However, it is expected to air in July 2017.