The first season of Stranger Things was a blast. Now that people are already expecting Stranger Things Season 2, the plot for the upcoming season is already making the rounds on the Internet.

The Season 1 finale did not fail the audience. However, the ending has brought so many questions and possibilities. One of the questions that surfaced is Chief Jim Hopper.

Actor David Harbour, who portrays the complex character, left a hint during his interview with The Daily Beast. It is possible that Hopper is involved at a deeper level than the viewers are expecting.

“Whatever’s going on with the lab, Hopper’s involved a little more deeply than we realize. And part of that may be that he has some sort of understanding of this Upside Down world that other people don’t have,” quotes Movie Pilot.

More than that, there is a speculation that his character will be working with the government to search for an alternate reality. In this way, he can still see his daughter Eleven.

Harbour did not give a concrete statement about the latter but he said that the character may understand that Eleven still exists but in other forms.

Meanwhile, a Reddit user is digging the idea as well. However, the people on the forum thread are still anxious.

Will Jim Hopper work for the government to search for alternate realities in order to find his daughter? Nevertheless, people would like to know Hopper’s fate and role when Stranger Things Season 2 rolls out on television soon.

In other news, Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad had an adorable chat with Eleven actress Millie Bobby Brown. According to Elle, the actor had an interview with the young star.

The conversation lasted for 27 minutes, and by the flow of their chat, it certainly appears that Paul was also smitten by Brown’s excellent portrayal of one of the most favorite characters of the show.

More updates for Stranger Things Season 2 will be coming soon.