Fans are still waiting for official news on Stranger Things Season 2 yet theories and speculations continue to pour in. Will the second season reveal what really happened to Eleven? Did Nancy really choose Steve instead of Jonathan? Will Barb get justice? These are just some of the biggest fan questions.

The last time we saw Eleven, she proved that she’s the real badass superhero of the show. She saved Mike and the gang despite her promise to join him in the school dance. She killed (or did she?) the Demogorgon and made her biggest sacrifice.

With Will Byers back, things probably went back to normal. However, Will threw up towards the end and we saw Chief Hopper put some Eggo waffles in Mirkwood area. Yes, the show left pieces of info and fans hope that Stranger Things Season 2 will give the answers. Of course, most fans are also curious on the possibility of Eleven’s return. How is it possible?

Movie Pilot reported that it could be since the big theory revealed that Eleven and the Demogorgon are the same. Yep, Eleven probably is one of them. Remember when she said that she’s the monster? The site noted numerous Reddit threads and Tumblr posts which talked about how the Demogorgon came from Eleven’s mind. It seems that Eleven brought the monster to life, as revealed on her first encounter with it. Thus, when she and the monster faced off at Mike’s school, they both disappeared.

Moreover, Movie Pilot also claimed that duality is an important theme on the show. This means that this theory is somehow possible. And, fans have yet to discover it in Season 2.

Meanwhile, Nancy’s love triangle with Steve and Jonathan might be more prominent in the second season too. Although she chose to stay with Steve, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel anything towards Will’s big bro right?

In an interview with Marie Claire, Charlie Heathon teased about the kiss that Nancy and Jonathan shared. However, it was not shown during season 1.

” In the screen test there was a scene where Nancy and Jonathan…that relationship happens originally. They got together, there was a kissing scene in the screen test. But the way they’ve done it was much more interesting, and a credit to Joe’s acting,” Heathon said.

Do you think we’d get to see a kiss between Nancy and Jonathan? Is Eleven really the Demogorgon?

Stay tuned for more updates on Stranger Things Season 2.