Are you excited what will happen on Stranger Things Season 2? Well, so is Millie Bobby Brown. The young actress who plays Eleven dropped some big secrets about her character.

The all-new Netflix series has been the talk of the town since its release. The show brought a nostalgic atmosphere since the showrunners set the events in the 1980’s.

On the other hand, the viewers must have fallen in love with Eleven. For those who have not witnessed the show yet, Eleven is a young girl with psychokinetic skills. She might be the key to finding Will.

The show successfully captured the audience’ attention. The plot has been exciting hence the wait for more things to come in the second season. To keep you on the hype, the 12-year-old British actress spilled some beans about what to expect during her recent interview.

To keep you on the hype, the 12-year old British actress spilled some beans about what to expect during her interview with IGN. Notably, there has been a question if Eleven will be alive and will surface on Stranger Things Season 2.

Brown did not provide a specific answer. Instead, she shared her insights about what should happen next.

“I’d really hope that they’d explained what has happened and explain Hopper’s backstory and what happened to his child and how did he feel?” Brown said.

Furthermore, she would like to see more flashbacks because “she wants to know what can be explained.” On the other hand, the actor who played Chief Jim Hopper also shared some bits about the next season.

Speaking to The Daily Beast (via Movie Pilot) actor David Harbour explained that Hopper will have more involvement in the series. He might also exert efforts in order to find if Eleven is still alive, like searching for an “alternate reality.”

The Chief could have understood that Eleven still lives in another form, that is why he might work for the government in order to find out. The release date of Stranger Things Season 2 is yet to come, so do not forget to check ANN for updates.