It seems Netflix got another hit on their hands this year. Their latest supernatural thriller series, Stranger Things, was not only a critical success. Fans can’t seem to stop talking about it either. Have the show’s producers decided to reward viewers with another, much longer installment?

The first season of the surprise hit only ran for eight episodes. But, really, eight episodes was all the show needed. The series did not feel rushed. It did not feel too slow either. The season’s final episode did end with a scene that seems to beg for a continuation, though. Will, the boy who disappeared in the show’s very first episode, coughed up a slug. The slug would have freaked out anyone else. But Will just calmly walked off.

What did this scene mean? How much did the twelve year old change after his return from the Upside-Down? Will the story really continue on to a second season? Did the show’s success motivate producers to deliver a couple more episodes? No word as of yet to answer any of these questions.

However, in an interview with ColliderStranger Things co-directors Matt and Ross Duffer confirmed that Netflix has yet to order more episodes. For Ross, one thing’s for sure: he does not want the show to continue past the point it should. “You want to end on a high note,” he explained. “That’s the goal. We’ve had initial discussions, but we haven’t quite landed on it.”

Ross’ brother and collaborator, Matt, on the other hand, can’t imagine their show as a long-running series. He doesn’t think they could sustain it. He also thinks Netflix won’t want to milk their material for the show to the point of staleness.

As for Stranger Things Season 2, though, Matt doesn’t think the first season’s success will shape future installments. He says, fans might want them to make as much as 13 episodes for the next season. But they would rather stick to the length the plot demands.