Stranger Things season 2 won’t come out until 2017, but fans don’t have to wait long to get early details of the show. Recent information about the show’s next season come in the form of its episode titles. What could these titles mean?

Renewal for the show’s return only came out weeks ago. It wasn’t long before titles of season 2’s episodes debuted. Netflix and the show itself announced the titles through a video.

The less-than-a-minute teaser lists down “Madmax”, “The Boy Who Came Back to Life”, “The Pumpkin Patch”, “The Palace”, “The Storm”, “The Pollywog”, “The Secret Cabin”, “The Brain”, and “The Lost Brother” as clues to next season’s episodes. Aside from giving fans room for speculation, the title reveal also announces that season 2 gets one more episode than season 1.

In addition, the teaser gives a subtle hint that season 2 picks up the story in 1984. At this point no news details who among the cast from season 1 will or will not return. However, given the title clues, it appears it will still retain the original characters.

Stranger Things season 2 clues

Given the episode titles, an article from /FILM offers guesses on where the story would proceed. As per Madmmax, the source speculates that the episode could center on a new character. Reports suggest that a certain “Max” is one of the new characters to debut next season. Hence, such episode could certainly be about him or her.

On the other hand, The Boy Who Came Back to Life is the easiest among the bunch to speculate on. The disappearance of Will Byers drove the narrative of season 1. He was also presumed dead by the residents of Hawkins. Hence, his return and the mystery of his time at the Upside Down will be a good subject for an episode.

The other episodes pretty much could be about anything. However, an article from MTV offers a very interesting–and bothersome–theory about one of them. Namely, the source offers a speculation on The Pollywog. MTV says that the slug Will coughed up from Season 1’s finale could be a Demogorgon at its larval stage.

Consequently, the website projects that Will could be some sort of host or “incubator” for another Demogorgon. If this theory proves true, it only means more trouble for Hawkins since the big bad is no longer hiding in the Upside Down.

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