The first season of Stranger Things  Netflix Originals  is airing in full  on July 15. In the meantime, fans can enjoy an 8 minutes preview (Stranger Things Netflix) on YouTube right now. These 8 minutes represent the show’s opening part which is enough to elate the viewers.

Stranger Things Netflix is created by Wayward Pines veterans Matt and Ross Duffer. The drama’s opening moments let the brothers show that their influences are pinned firmly to their sleeves.

The suspenseful preview features a scary event that sets the story in motion and introduces four pre-teen Dungeons & Dragons players at its center.  A great influence of E.T. can be noticed here. There are even a few scenes of the kid heroes biking together, E.T.-style, in the dark. However, the E.T. here doesn’t appear to have a very friendly gesture. It looks like he prefers to snack on little children instead of Reese’s Pieces.

Watch Here:

The 8 minutes clip doesn’t introduce the story’s lead Joyce (Winona Ryder).  Joyce is the mother of the disappeared boy at the center of Stanger Things’ mystery. Nevertheless, the preview does show a few glimpses of the creature responsible for her son’s vanishing. There is subtle hint on the creature’s appearance, as well.  It is a spindly limbed, light-disrupting monster that seems to have escaped from the mandatory local government research lab, describes A.V. Club.

On the other hand, as expected the 8 minutes trailer succeeds to create excitement among the viewers. The trailer ends with a cliff-hanger leaving the audience to wonder what’s next.  There are major questions yet to be answered about Stranger Things. Now we can hope that the show will unfold many secrets as soon as it hits our television screens.

Stranger Things  Netflix Original is a 1980s drama series set in Indiana where a young boy vanishes into thin air. There will be eight, one hour-long episode that will premiere on July 15, 2016.The show was previously titled Montauk.