There were changes taking place on “Stitchers” due to the team’s experiences in the prior episode. Cameron’s near-death experience acted as a catalyst for change for every single character.

On Stitchers Season 2 Episode 2, Cameron held on to his new wild self. He has gotten himself a new motorcycle. According to TV Fanatic, he should at least get a license for it at first.

This is still the same show as last season, but it seems to be maturing after successfully surviving its freshman year.

What is Kirsten researching? Tell us your thoughts before tomorrow’s episode of #Stitchers!

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With the show focusing on character evolution and further exploring its mythology, the biggest change appeared with Kirsten. She is now reunited with her emotions and it wasn’t just a change to the character but a change to the very core of the series.

It was a courageous move to make a big change in any character but to make it within the lead was risky.

It was such an intelligent step to have her temporal dysplasia disappear. However, it might eventually come back.

It seemed like Cameron could get himself into another terrible situation – finally getting hurt or getting someone else hurt. With both characters changing, we have got an improved version of Kirsten and Cameron.

The powerhouse of Stitchers is Emma Istha. She is perfectly guiding Kirsten and the followers through this emotional evolution. While Kirsten had reconnected with her emotions, she is now able to experience all the good and bad emotions in the world.

It became evident when she joined Cameron on his shopping trip to buy a motorcycle.

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However, union of the above two characters brings about diverging paths for Camille and Linus.

Linus took the big step to move out of his parents’ home. Camille supports him and still loves his parents. But their relationship seems to be that of friendship.

Linus’ father, the poor guy, just couldn’t accept his son leaving the house, but the amazing part was when he tried to pin it on the mom.

The curious part is the relationship that might begin between Camille and Detective Fisher. It seems like they are in a close friendship, says Spoiler TV.

Secondly, there can’t be anyone better than Fisher, for Camille to learn how to defend herself.

“Stitchers” is an American drama series where a young woman is recruited into a clandestine government agency to be “stitched” into the minds of the deceased, using their memories to investigate murders.