Liberal National Party’s Steve Dickson has defected to One Nation Party run of Pauline Hanson. The movement of the MP has led Hanson’s party own a seat in the hung parliament of Queensland. The reports of the defection have come on Friday.

In addition, Steve Dickson has also removed all LNP references from his official website. The MP said that the biggest issue that has prompted him to decide this was the cannabis rule implemented for terminally ill patients. He said that the major political parties must “grow a backbone.”

He admitted that he had to make a choice and hence he put his career “on the line today”. He advocated keeping people ahead of politics. “This is where we have a chance to step up to the mark to make Queensland a better state, a greater state, because that’s what we do as human beings,” Steve Dickson said.

The LNP MP said that the major political parties were not active and were losing their way. He also mentioned about his email he addressed to his parliamentary colleagues. In the email, Steve Dickson told them he was not the enemy but he wanted to work in coordination. He added that he wanted Queensland Parliament to be “much more bipartisan”.

Pauline Hanson, Steve Dickson Bonding

Hanson said that she had competent candidates for the next election with herself being the leader of the party and Dickson being on board.  “We can do this, we have a great team and the support of the public. Wherever I walk in this country, we get support from the people,” the One Nation leader said as quoted by 9News.

“We’re going to give them hell, to make them answer, the people of Queensland, that we expect so much. There has not been good opposition in this state for so long. Now we have One Nation. Now you have me as leader of this party, and you have Steve on board and they won’t know what happened to them.”

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