A woman has died after attending the music festival in Sydney called Stereosonic after overdosing on ecstasy (MDMA). The 25-year-old pharmacist, Sylvia Choi, had been rushed to Concord hospital from her home in Oyster Bay after she felt ill.

Paramedics believed she had taken ecstasy and in her water bottle she had mixed in MDMA. Ms. Choi’s friends also confessed to police, they had ingested a ‘tablet’ but police have not said which one they have taken.

With more than 200 police officers patrolling the area it is a wonder how people attending the festival got away with using or supplying illegal drugs. On that single night, more than 120 people were treated for the side effects of drugs in medical tents placed around the festival, while nine were taken immediately to the hospital.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to pass on my condolences to the family and loved ones of the young person who passed away. It must be an extremely difficult time for them” South West Region Commander Assistant Commissioner Frank Mennilli said.

During the 11 hour event (running until midnight) which was attended by 48,000 people, 69 people were charged with various drugs offences and 23 were given cannabis cautions.

Over the weeks before Stereosonic, two men have been caught drilling holes into the site to hide their drugs. Special fencing has been placed around the site and it has gone under lock-down.

“People have to get out of the mentality that you have to take drugs to enjoy a concert.” Mr Mennilli said.

Premier Mike Baird has also spoken up about the issue of drugs and music festivals: “This madness has to end.. The idea of going out for a good night out is one thing, but when that night out ends with losing one of your friends you can’t put words on that stupidity.”

When purchasing a ticket for Stereosonic, the website states that all ticket holders on the day must leave their prescription and illicit medication at home otherwise they will be denied entry and not be given a refund.