The Golden State Warriors have already taken their record to 54-5 and created history for the longest home-win stretch in NBA history after beating Atlanta Hawks. A lot of credit goes to Steph Curry for his phenomenal performance throughout the season. Curry, arguably, is “the most” valuable NBA player right now.

What about Curry’s “game-winning 32-footer”? According to the Uproxx, “With Jon Stewart off The Daily Show, Curry’s shot is the most watchable thing on TV and the internet today.” Needless to say that each time Curry sets his foot on the turf, there is something exciting happening.

But what really goes into those three-pointers? Well, ESPN finally has an answer to that. The source explains the science behind Curry’s success. Curry’s shot has been viewed from multiple angles including from his knees and elbow, the timing of his release, the “width of a key” and a series of graphics to help you explain the class behind his epic shot.

You can check out the video here

Pete Grathoff of Kansas City says, “I’m sure that Royals manager Ned Yost would agree with me on this: Steph Curry is amazing and all I need is my eyes tell me that.”

“Still, Curry’s game-winning shot for Golden State in overtime against Oklahoma City on Saturday night had people talking days later.

“ESPN’s Sports Science broke down the shot and you’ll be amazed at how precise Curry had to be in order to drain that 32-foot shot.”

The Golden State Warriors are just 19-odd games short of making history. Given their recent form it will be pretty for them to surpass the Chicago Bull’s 1995-96 record of 72 wins. They have already created quite a number of records starting from the “Historic NBA start” to “longest home-win streak”. We are waiting for the science behind their success now.