Davis and McConnell have been called “fools” by their furious Twitter followers, because of their “on-and-off” relationship status. The recent Twitter posts of Davis has hints that these two may be back with each other for the fourth time.

The former Hollyoaks star, 23, wrote a series of touching posts on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, stating she had to “follow my heart,” says Daily Mail.

On Saturday, she dumped her 25-year-old Irish model boyfriend in public and accused him of sleeping with five women behind her back.

Now, it seems from her long Twitter updates that she is up for another reconciliation. Sadly, Twitter users declare they can no longer keep up with the couple’s unsteady relationship because they are bored with this fooling-around game.

According to Mirror, while some followers sent on their best wishes to the couple, a whole lot more expressed their annoyance at yet one more change of heart.

One wrote, “I can’t deal with Steph and Jeremy like who actually cares about their relationship,” while another added: “Please God no Steph and Jeremy back together again? CHRIST.”

Another angry follower commented wrote: “So fed up of hearing about Steph & Jeremy!! Who even cares!!  Your on & off more that a f***ing light bulb!”

Then one more user added: “Steph and Jeremy are possibly the most annoying irrelevant pair of fools ever why does anyone give them the time of day.”

Meanwhile, one advised the star: “Be happy but stop making yourself look desperate x”

On the other hand, Davis put it all on the media. She holds it responsible for her heartbreak.

Davis and Jeremy McConnell started to see each other after they met at the “Celebrity Big Brother” house in January.  Soon their pair happened to collect controversy as Steph was in a relationship with model Sam Reece at the time.

With this ongoing process of “splitting and reuniting,” the fans can only hope that the pair will settle down at somewhere.