The Steam Summer Sale 2016 is finally here and with this year’s deals, gamers are in for some pretty indulgent indoor fun. However, if you were caught unprepared by the sale’s arrival and has zero credit, no need to fret! We have rounded up the best offers and discounts on credit for you.

Best deals from best Buy

Based on a few sources, it appears that Best Buy lives up to its name in having the best gaming currency card offer for gamers. GameSpot reports that if you buy any gaming currency card, you get a second card at 20 percent off. The site details that the offer is pretty versatile in that it applies to all gaming currency cards.

However, the offer only lasts until Saturday so you better start moving now before the deal is off.

VG247 also emphasizes that the offer is only valid for physical cards.

Meanwhile, if you need reassurance on what game cards the promotion is available, Siliconera offers a detailed list. The website says that the deal works on more than 50 prepaid game cards such as the Steam Wallet Card, Xbox Gift Card, PlayStation Network Card, and Nintendo eShop Card, among others.

Siliconera also has a special mention on the Blizzard $20 card. The site offers the following tip:

“Speaking of the Blizzard $20 card, you can potentially get 10% off Overwatch on the PC by picking up two $20 cards at Best Buy for $36, then apply the credit towards your account to pick up a copy of Overwatch for a total of $36 (provided of course doesn’t charge sales tax in your state).”

Tips for Maximizing Steam Summer Sale 2016

Aside from getting a good deal on a your Steam credit, there are other tips that can make you maximize your money and overall experience in this year’s Steam Summer Sale.

Lifehacker offers a comprehensive list of tips. Some of the tips are below:

1. Check out the Steam mobile apps

Lifehacker details that aside from avoiding the long emails, Steam’s mobile apps will still update you with the latest, wherever you go.

2. Be smart on when to buy

The website highlights that the Steam Summer Sale 2016 changed the usual discount mechanics. Highlighted deals replaced flash and community sales. Hence, Lifehacker deduces that a game’s discounted price at one point can be expected to stick all week long.

3. Go for the bundles

The site’s advice is to buy bundles any time you want since these are most likely the stuff with the big discounts. Lifehacker says never to think twice in purchasing a bundle and just go with it.

Visit Lifehacker here for the complete guide to maximizing this year’s Steam Summer Sale.

Any tips of your own in getting the best out of Steam Summer Sale 2016? Help a brother out and let them know in the comments below!