One month after the Winter Sale of fan favourite games, Steam is at it again and surprised everyone with the Lunar Year Sale.

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, the gaming distribution platform placed discounts on various gaming titles last February 5.

As what was reported in PC World, this is the first time Steam set reduction on prices of their digital products on such festival a month after their big sale last December 2015. In line with that, the games featured in the Chinese Celebration Sale are not only the same as the ones during Christmas but they also appear to have the same cut price.

What better way to sell video games but to market them using a game. PC Gamer made mention of a mini game that the Steam users can play in the software’s Featured Page. This helps them to make an informed decision on what games to buy.

In true Lunar Year festival fashion, the users play a Monkey who must travel back to his hometown to celebrate the holiday with his family. The players are then presented two options on how they will go about the journey – Swim or Drive. The choices one make will determine which games will be presented for the accidental hero. Choosing “Swim” will lead to various aquatic games while opting to “Drive” will guide the player to a multitude of driving games, both realistic and fictional.

“Swim or Drive” are but a few of the many mini games a Steam account user can encounter while trying to select the game that best suit his preferences. Other options include “Pirates of Ninjas”, “Investigate or Run” when chanced upon a mystery, pick between “Card Games or Fighting Games” while on a docks full of gamblers and many interesting choices.

Gamers best get their hoard going before The Year of the Monkey Sale ends on February 12.