For most women living in male-dominated society, it is sometimes difficult to stand up and make a choice. However, it is another level in Iran for an Islamic woman. In the Islamic religion, wearing a hijab is a woman’s prerogative but not long ago, the Iranian government has made it a law for all woman to wear a hijab regardless of their choice.

An Iranian journalist launched a revolutionary Facebook page  named “My Stealthy Freedom” which has become a growing movement raising a lot of attention from all over the world. The movement protests against the compulsory wearing of a headscarf. Because of its initiative, it has created a significant number of women standing up and raising their voices against this issue.

The total number of likes the page has received is over 900,000 now. And this number is expected to continue growing as more people get involved and the page expands and becomes widespread over the globe.


“My Stealthy Freedom” has been fighting for many months to abolish this compulsory hijab wearing law but the Iranian President has given very little weight to the women’s efforts by labeling the issue as ‘unimportant’. Many have been commenting back on the post arguing that Iranian officials do not know how to deal with woman’s rights. Another post was made on the Facebook page stating that President Rouhani has labeled the movement as offensive and wants the movement to be shut down.

“Everyone in Iran is free in their own private lives to do as they please. But when someone lives in Iran, they should abide by the laws of the country” he told The Independent during an interview with a french journalist . He refused to back down the law and has no intention of changing it.

Supporters of this movement have been disrespected and harassed by Iranian authorities. As in the case of the Iranian actress, Sadaf Taherian, who was reported to have lost her license to work for television and film because she had posted a photo of herself without a hijab. Government officials have asked her to take it off but she refused.