Around eight people were arrested by South Korean authorities after an investigation for the match fixings in a series of Starcraft 2 competitive matches.

This kind of issue in the competitive gaming, specifically in eSports is somewhat rampant due to the widespread online bets. People place their bets on certain teams that they are rooting to win, and this causes some organizers or other individuals to do some cheating by forcing some competing players to throw their game in exchange for a certain sum of money.

According to reports from Gamasutra, one player was paid with a sum of around ₩70,000,000 (around 79,000 AUD) while another player was paid as much as ₩35,000,000 (around 39,000 AUD). Eleven individuals were indicted and eight were arrested over the allegation;  two have yet to be arrested and the other one is still at large. The said individuals’ names were withheld. The translation of the report from the Changwon Regional Prosecution Service for the arrest can be found on the official forums of eSports team TeamLiquid, where some of the defendants are labeled as Brokers, Financial Backers and Programmers.

A similar case was also reported last October where several individuals were also arrested for alleged game-fixings on Starcraft 2. Some of the individuals that were arrested on October include StarCraft team Prime head coach Wae-Sik “Gerrard” Park and professional players Byeong-Heon “YoDa” Choi and Jong-Hyuk “BBoongBBoong” Choi. Former pro-gamer and esports journalist Jun-mo “Enough” Seong was also arrested, as he was also alleged to be one of the said brokers involved in the match-fixing. You can also check out the translated report from the October arrest at TeamLiquid’s forum post.

With eSports getting the same reception with athletic sports, it is no surprise to see if there will a lot of match-fixing due to the tremendous amount of bettings.