A Star Wars VIII update has emerged five months after the filming of Star Wars VIII was announced. Pre-production for Star Wars Episode VIII started on September 14, 2015, an Ireland Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport Marine notice confirmed. However, due to script rewrites and reshooting, production was further delayed to February 2016.

The Plot

Details regarding the second installment into the sequel trilogy have been scarce. Daisy Ridley who plays Rey will continue on her quest to find Luke Skywalker. The Jedi has been on a self-imposed exile on the planet Ahch-To. However, the question remains whether he will take Rey as his new young padawan. As the production announcement trailer showed, Luke and Rey have met, with Rey handing Luke what looks like his lightsaber.

While Rey remains at the center of the sequel trilogy storyline, other characters’ history such as Finn or FN-2187 is waiting to be discovered. Finn has been left with a wounded back and ego after losing on a duel against Kylo Ren.

Star Wars VIII Update Confirmed

The second sequel in the space opera saga will finally wrap up production on July 22.

Mark Hamill who plays Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy confirmed it in his tweet. While keeping mum on other Episode VIII questions, he relented on this one and finally gave a much-awaited Star Wars VIII update.

The confirmation happened after a fan asked for any update regarding Episode VIII. Mark Hamill then asked for patience from Star Wars fans who have been begging him for updates.

Teaser Trailer

With the production wrap up date revealed, this might mean a Star Wars sneak peak at the San Diego Comic Con on July 21-24. However, that is yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, for those attending Star Wars Celebration Europe, more Star Wars VIII details may be revealed. This comes after Director Rian Johnson and Mark Hamill confirmed that they will be appearing at the event.

Star Wars Episode VIII is set to hit the theaters on December 15, 2017. While the teaser trailer is yet to be released, here is the very limited 30-second Star Wars Episode VIII production announcement. In the short sneak peek, we see Rey handing Luke Skywalker a light saber. Hopefully, in the teaser trailer, we see more of Rey’s quest to find Luke.