Fans have been worried about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ever since reshooting rumors surfaced. Do they have grounds to fear a delay in the movie’s release?

According to Collider, director Gareth Edwards himself assured fans they have nothing to worry about. Edwards confirmed that they did do reshoots of some scenes. But the next “Star Wars” movie will still premiere as scheduled.

“It was always part of the plan to do reshoots,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “We always knew we were coming back somewhere to do stuff. We just didn’t know what it would be until we started sculpting the film in the edit.”

“There’s lots of little things that we [had] to get,” the director added. “But it’s all little things within the preexisting footage.” Entertainment Weekly did point out it’s “impossible” for an effects-heavy movie like “Rogue One” to redo that much of its story.

The movie’s timetable, Edwards said, was only burdened by the largeness of their cast. “Obviously, you’ve got to work around everyone’s schedule. And everyone’s on different films all over the world… so it’s a bit of a logistical nightmare,” he said. “That’s why I think [the rumors] been blown out of proportion a little bit.”

Kathleen Kennedy, the president of Lucas Film, also defended the reshoots done. She said they only picked up “a few things” in additional photography. “There’s nothing about the story that’s changing,” she insisted. “I think that’s the most important thing… that it’s [still] the movie we intended to make.”

Kennedy also confirmed that Lucas Film do intend for “Rogue One” to have a “very different tone and style” compared to the saga films.

“One of the things we’re doing with these ‘Star Wars’ stories is embracing the uniqueness of the different genres… we’re very deliberately leaning into the various styles of directors that we’re approaching,” Kennedy explained. She described Edwards’ style as “much more handheld, visceral, inside-the-action kind of feel.”

The director himself confirmed that “Rogue One” would have a different feel. “It’s got dark tone,” Edwards said. “The studio has been very supportive of that.”