“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” has gotten every fan excited. It would not hit theatres until the end of the year. But rumours about the film’s plot and characters are already widespread. Below, we round up five theories you should know ahead of the movie’s premiere.

1. Who is Rey’s family?

“The Force Awakens” first found Rey abandoned on Jakku. According to Movie Pilot, it is plausible that the next “Star Wars” movie will reveal who Rey’s family is.

2. Is Darth Vader really the main villain?

It was earlier speculated that Darth Vader will have a bigger role in “A Rogue One.” Actor James Earl Jones has been confirmed to come back and voice the infamous Sith Lord. The iconic character’s suit from “A New Hope” has also been recreated for the upcoming movie. But could he really be the film’s main villain? Or will he just be a “guiding presence” for the film’s primary antagonist as earlier expected?

3. What role does Ben Mendelsohn play?

The actor was shown as an “imposing figure” in the movie’s trailer. Not much is known about his character. His character’s name has not even been revealed. According to Slash Film, his character could either be Grand Moff Tarkin, Grand Admiral Thrawn or Wulff Yularen.

4. Is Luke’s friend from “A New Hope” making an appearance?

Biggs was Luke Skywalker’s friend in “A New Hope.” In the movie, he was shown leaving Tatooine to join the rebellion. According to Movie Pilot, fans have speculated about his return because Biggs’ rawn mustache is very similar to that of actor Diego Luna. Could Luna be playing Biggs in the upcoming movie?

5. Could Jyn Erso be a young Captain Phasma?

Jyn Erso is a rebel fighter played by actress Felicity Jones. Movie Pilot suggests that she might actually be Captain Phasma.