It was earlier reported that the shortlist of actors in the running for Han Solo in a “Star Wars” anthology movie had come down to 3 contenders: Taron Egerton, Alden Ehrenreich, and Jack Raynor. Egerton’s name has always popped up at the top of all the earlier shortlists and appeared to be the favourite of Lucasfilm and Disney to portray the “scruffy-looking nerf herder” made famous by Harrison Ford. However, Egerton has now stated that he has not been contacted for the role.

In a recent interview with Jonathan Ross on The Jonathan Ross Show, while promoting his forthcoming feature “Eddie The Eagle” with Hugh Jackman, Egerton said “I’ve heard this rumor, yes. I mean, I’ve seen the stuff on the Internet, and I think any lad of my age would kill to play a part like that. It’s very, very flattering. I have no idea if there’s any truth in it, but I mean, Lucasfilm, Disney, if there is, then you know where I am.”

Egerton said something similar to HeyUGuys on the red carpet for the European premiere of his movie “Eddie The Eagle.” “This is something I’m aware of. Yeah, it’s been on the internet over the past couple of days, right? I mean I would, you know. Of course, it’s very flattering. I would like to, as much as anyone would, it’s Han Solo right?”

What may be deduced for this is that either Disney has actually not contacted the “Kingsman” actor or he is not telling the truth. If it’s the latter, he may already have been cast in the role. If it’s the former, then it seems too late for him to be a part of the list anymore.

Jack Reynor, known for “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” on the other hand told that he had auditioned for J.J. Abrams’ “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

The only actor among the three not to have publicly spoken or interviewed is “Hail, Caesar!” actor Alden Ehrenreich. He was quite impressive as Hobie Doyle, a singing cowboy actor in that Coen Brothers film.

Though none of the top three contenders in the list resemble Harrison Ford in the way actor and impressionist Anthony Ingruber (“Age of Adaline”) does, Ehrenreich still has the same squinty-eyed smile that Harrison Ford is known for. If anyone deserves to be Han Solo among the three in the list, it’s Ehrenreich!

However, the list can be misdirection from Disney as well, who could actually be casting Ingruber instead to keep many Star Wars fans happy who want Ingruber cast in the role. The Han Solo spin-off will also tell the origin of Chewbacca as well, it was revealed.