Director Rian Johnson began shooting Star Wars Episode 8 this month on a remote stretch of coast in the southwest of Ireland. Due to this, there has been a huge influx of people in the filming area.

This whole incident has produced major concerns regarding the area getting overcrowded.

According to UpRoxx, the film sets are being kept extremely confidential, and are being guarded more closely than the Death Star.

The shooting crew have issued non-disclosure agreements, no-cellphone policies and even a no-fly zone. This proves that the Star Wars film crew is absolutely serious when it comes to confidentiality.

The crew believes that their protective measures would “keep things as close to normal in the neighborhood as possible.”

However, these regulations are not stopping Louis Mulcahy, a local resident. He has been bringing in people at his business so they can see the filming events and sets from the porch by using a telescope.

It has been reported that the basic reason behind this activity is his way of taking revenge, as the filming of Star Wars Episode 8 is obviously frustrating him.

It was also noticed that big groups of people have been trying hard to get a glimpse at what the next Star Wars movie might have for the viewers.

Mulcahy owns a pottery shop that has become a hard place to reach due to tourist traffic. He said that the presence of the large number of people will surely not help with his sales.

According to South China Morning Post, this particular Irish locality is well known for being one of the busiest tourist routes in the country. The filming makes conditions worse as all the people who are drawn to the film set are only aggravating the issue.

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However, the filming of Star Wars Episode 8 has also provided positive results. There is an influx of tourism that has led to an increase in the number of jobs available for locals.

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Quite a handful of locals are also being given handsome rewards for the use of their properties during filming.

Nonetheless, even with these benefits, the entire ordeal has made locals angry. In the future, the process of film-making around these areas might not be a good idea.