The space transcending our planet’s limit always titillates scientific minds like you and me. Often, you wonder if you can also venture out in the galaxy and explore the unexplored. The urge becomes all the more intense with movies like Star Wars and a part of you longs to be like Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia and battle epic wars. If so, then there is a reason for you to rejoice. If not the characters of Star Wars, now at least you can smell like them. It’s time to own coolest lightsaber perfumes and colognes, as a European perfume company released a new line of Star Wars-inspired perfumes and colognes.

With a promise to help one smells like an entity from a galaxy far, far away, Lifestyle Perfumes has unveiled these perfumes and colognes this month. The series has three different scents; each of them is in a lightsaber-shaped bottle.

Out of the three, two of them are men’s colognes with names “Empire” and “Jedi.” Justifying its name, “Empire” scent ensures to “soak you with an aura of masculinity and power” and “capture the dark side of the Force.” At the same time, the “Jedi” perfume induces “swaggering, fearless flair” with its “seductive blend of pink pepper” and “sensual notes of musk and sandalwood.” reports EW

The third one is women’s special and it is called “Amidala.” The official site Lifestyle Perfume  describes it “AMIDALA inspired this fragrance through her royal elegance as well as by her strong, indomitable will. The elegant and sensual notes of vanilla, musk and patchouli are complemented by a fruity top note of apple and tangerine and merges into a sovereign seductive aura for any situation by day and by night; a floral perfume with oriental and powdery notes, which makes its wearer irresistible.

Sorry to say, these perfumes and colognes are available only in Europe. However you can get the details on Lifestyle’s official site. You can ask your friends in Europe to gift you one.