The Star Wars universe isn’t going anywhere soon. Aside from the on-going new film trilogy and its offer in gaming, a new addition appears to be brewing. Recent reports suggest that a new initiative from Marvel Comics called Star Wars Classified is in the works.

Though the name/title isn’t officially confirmed yet, it appears to be an on-going project.

News of the project comes from Newsrama. According to the website, Classified replaces Darth Vader which ends later this year. In addition, the site details that Darth Vader writer/creator Kieron Gillen will also be responsible for this new on-going. Artist Kev Walker joins Gillen for the initiative.

Newsrama details that other names tied to the project include Annie Wu, Dave Dorman, Declan Shalvey, Elsa Charretier, Jamie McKelvie, John Tyler Christopher, Kamome Shirahama, Rod Reis and Salvadore Larroca.

Star Wars Classified other details

Aside from the individuals involved, not much is known about this new Star Wars project.

One of these unknowns is what Classified will be about. Screen Rant offers a good speculation on the project’s possible premise. According to the source, Classified could be a tie-in to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. However, the site also does not dismiss that there are other possibilities.

Screen Rant explains their guess as follows:

“…comic book companies often lace their prereleases with cryptic clues, the placeholder could tease the content, assuming Star Wars: Classified isn’t the new comic’s name. Seeing as the upcoming Anthology film deals with a top secret mission, it’s possible the new series is a tie-in to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

As for its release, Newsrama points out that the project debuts some time in December. However, there is no concrete release date yet.

Do you have any guesses on what the new project could be about? Share them with us through the comments below. Check back for more when new details about Star Wars Classified surface.