Gaming fans excited for the release of “Star Wars: Battlefront” has the opportunity to assess its quality even before it becomes publicly available.

Digital Foundry, which goes by the website name, conducted a performance assessment of “Battlefront” and breaks down the many aspects to which it excels and to which it under performs. The website also provides a contrast of how “Battlefront” performs in PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One.  Generally, Daily Foundry says that “frame-rates are improved on both systems.” In matters of resolution, PS4 hosts “Star Wars: Battlefront” better at 1600×900 while Xbox One is restricted to 1280×720.

In matters of performance, Digital Foundry gathered that both consoles have impressive metrics and the game doesn’t slow down in both platforms. The gaming website likened “Battlefront’s” performance to “Halo 5” and “Metal Gear Solid 5”.

Meanwhile, GameSpot also relays other findings by DF such as the performance of both consoles in terms of frame rates. GameSpot analyzes Digital Foundry’s report by saying: “Both versions appear to manage their framerates by liberally stripping details away as you get further away from objects.”

GameSpot further quotes the analysis as saying: “Battlefront aggressively culls objects and crumbs from view while level geometry is dynamically adjusted based on proximity–a situation that applies to both console versions of the game.” GameSpot also relays that although the analysis by DF found this quality distracting, it can be considered a necessary trade off because it allows the target frame rate to be achieved.

The report by Digital Foundry also tackled a bit about connectivity issues. The website’s analysis suggests that “Battlefront” in Xbox One delivers a positive performance based on their experience. DF concludes that although their analysis is only a preliminary one, they can assure users that performance and visual quality will deliver impressive results in the final code.

According to PlayStation LifeStyle, “Star Wars: Battlefront” will be launched on November 17 in North America and November 19 in Europe.

For the full performance analysis of “Star Wars: Battlefront”, you can visit Digital Foundry.