It has been just a week since the epic Star Wars: Battlefront release and it has already gained quite a popularity across all platforms. This might be true to a certain degree but statistics revealed otherwise. Online Playstation 4 users have easily surpassed the Xbox One and PC users.

Statistics suggested that the number of PS4 online users is more than Xbox One and PC users combined. According to Polygon, a third party site, PLAYER STATS NETWORK, a site dedicated in tracking server figures for noteworthy Electronic Games, generated the online statistics for Star Wars: Battlefront and it clearly revealed the hold of PS4 online users over the Xbox One and PC users.

Currently online players

PC: 12,000 (24h peak: 48,292)

XBOX ONE: 35,645 (24h peak: 104,993)

PS4: 69,525 (24h peak: 183,329)

Total: 117,170

Over the last 24 hours, Playstation 4 online users have reached a peak 183,329 users while PC and Xbox One online users has reached to 104,993 and 48,292 users, respectively. The PS4 numbers are more than the Xbox One and PC users combined.

According to Segment Next, there could be a number of reasons why Playstation 4 users have outnumbered the Xbox One and PC users. Playstation 4 has a larger market share right now and other fact might be that EA had made an exclusive deal with Sony.

The source quoted, “As for how accurate these numbers are, the source mentioned that these numbers are updated every five minutes, and are gathered directly from EA’s servers. They are fetched every 5 minutes from EA’s servers where all players are connected to.

“We don’t calculate anything ourselves; these are direct numbers for every platform,” revealed the Player Network Stats.

Star Wars: Battlefront was launched the previous week on Tuesday, Nov. 17 and has already become a huge hit. Star Wars season is still to provide us with the seventh edition of the movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens featuring Harrison Ford.