It isn’t just the “Star Wars” Easter eggs by Google which are making the wait for the upcoming movie difficult, ardent fans and gamers may have also been glued to playing the quite popular “Star Wars: Battlefront.”

In a recent report by  PLAYER STATS NETWORK, it was revealed that the number of online Playstation 4 gamers hooked on to  “Star Wars: Battlefront” surpass those on Xbox One and PC. The overall engagement across platforms clearly indicates the popularity of the title.

Ardent gamers may already be awaiting the Battle of Jakku DLC for “Star Wars: Battlefront.” It turns out there is more in store for them than what they expected.

The official website for “Star Wars: Battlefront” revealed that a new game mode dubbed as the Turning Point, will also be released. The new mode is only coming for the Graveyard of Giants, which is a big map on the Jakku planet. The mode covers huge 20 on 20 battles and will witness players fighting for their rule over the bases.

Commenting on the new gaming mode, Dennis Brännvall, Lead Level Designer, told the website, “At the edge of the map, the Empire has constructed a make-shift base as well as smaller fortifications strewn across the landscape. Following an emergency landing, the Rebels need to locate the enemy bases to attack and take control of them all.”

Sharing details about the rules of the new mode, he added, “Rebels need to locate and capture one of three control points in Imperial control. The clock is ticking, but if the Rebel team succeeds with a capture additional time will be added and new control points will be available for capture. Moving through these increasingly challenging checkpoints, the ultimate goal is the Empire’s base where the final stand will take place.”

As for the vehicles, the Rebel side will have the airspeeders, while there is the AT-STs for the Empire side.

Starting December 1, 2015, the Battle of Jakku DLC will be rolled out for gamers who had pre-ordered “Star Wars: Battlefront.” As for other players the DLC will become available on December 8.