Alden Ehrenreich will be playing Han Solo in Disney’s stand-alone Star Wars movie. Moments after the news surfaced, thousands of fans of the space smuggler went hysteric while protesting.

However, it is doubtful that they’ve been silenced yet, says The Inquisitor.

The film will be portraying events in Han Solo’s life that took place before his appearance in 1977’s Star Wars: A New Hope. But no story details have been disclosed as of now.

The Star Wars Expanded Universe line of books and comics had heavily featured many novels about the smuggler’s younger days. There is a possibility that some of Solo’s earlier established backstory might make its way back into the Star Wars mainstream.

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With some help from creator George Lucas, Harrison Ford made the role iconic. The public certainly didn’t want to see him recast anyway and Ford is a little old to play his younger self.

This isn’t the only film in which Solo is going to appear in the near future. This is because it’s been rumored that the delay in filming for Rogue One was due to this casting decision.

There may be a cameo for the space smuggler, before the Bothans go on their not-really-successful heist to collect plans for the very first Death Star. According to Deadline, Solo has dealt with the rebels before the scene where he meets Leia for the first time.

Han Solo fans have been put through a lot of pain after the beloved character was killed by a lightsaber at the hands of his own son in The Force Awakens.

Judging by the immediate reaction to news of a new Han Solo, several fans are still struggling to cope.

Before Hail Ceasar!,  Ehrenreich had made a short film for a friend. When he showed it to his parents they were quite critical but he didn’t care.

“You look like an idiot in this. I don’t think you should really do that,” his parents said.

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Veteran actor Ford had made similar comments to whoever took over the iconic role. However, Ehrenreich isn’t bothered and will be starring in the upcoming spinoff.

Reactions from fans were just as Ford likely predicted.