Star Wars fans were surprised and heartbroken when Kylo Ren, or Ben Solo, killed his own father, our beloved Han Solo in The Force Awakens. But there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Rumor has it that the favorite rogue might return to Star Wars 8. But it could come with a bonus because Yoda might be there, too.

Warning: There might be some possible spoilers about the upcoming movie so kindly read at your own risk.

This rumor could raise some eyebrows because there is no way that Han Solo would return. However, Harrison Ford himself teased the Jimmy Kimmel Live! viewers about his possible comeback.

Star Wars 7 was almost a year ago and so the interview, but Melty believes that he might return not as being alive, maybe in some other way. First, it would be impossible that he will return as a force ghost simply because he is not force-sensitive.

Secondly, it is way too impossible for him to resurrect from the dead. Kylo Ren attacked him then he fell in the Starkiller Base that blew up after.

But on the other hand, Star Wars 8 director Rian Johnson must have something in his mind. Maybe as a consolation for the heartbreak because we lost one of the most favorite characters?

It is possible for him to appear on flashbacks instead, the villain might regret killing his own father, right? Ford was coy in the interview, but of course, the upcoming film is very unpredictable, like any other Star Wars films.

Meanwhile, there is another speculation that Yoda will return as well, but this time, as a force ghost during the funeral of Han Solo. Another Melty article hinted that the movie will give a chance for viewers to mourn the death of Chewie’s BFF, and Yoda might visit at the funeral.

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