Even before “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens” hits theaters, it appears that “Star Wars 8” is already taking shape.

Although not much is known about the next episode following “The Force Awakens”, Screen Rant reports that a villain from the film is already sure to return for “Star Wars 8”. According to the website, the evildoer who is set to return on future “Star Wars” films is none other than stormtrooper leader Captain Phasma, played by Game of Thrones’ Gwendolyn Christie.

Screen Rant cites a report by LA Times featuring the women of the “Star Wars” franchise. The report takes note of Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy’s opinion about the character. Speaking of the longer life span of Phasma, the website quotes Kennedy in saying:

“She’s an important character, a baddie in the best sense of the word.”

Screen Rant also shares that since Captain Phasma is the franchise’s first female villain, it would be important to keep her around for “Star Wars 8”. The move will also be aligned with Lucasfilm’s effort to promote gender equivalency, SR reports.

Meanwhile, Collider offers a background of how the character came to be. According to the website, Captain Phasma or Chrometrooper was initially meant to be played by a male if not for Kennedy and J.J. Abrams’ decision to swap the character’s gender.

Gwendolyn Christie herself is even more thrilled for the future, let alone the existence, of her villanous character. Collider quotes Christie in saying:

“…and the reason I love my character so much and I feel so enthusiastic about Capt. Phasma is, yes, she’s cool, she looks cool, she’s a villain — but more than that, we see a female character and respond to her not because of the way she looks. We respond to her because of her actions.”

As Collider reports, Christie continues that slowly changing traditional gender roles in film is a good legacy that will be left by her character.

“Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens” will premiere on December 18 while “Star Wars 8” is scheduled for a May 26, 2017 release.