The License Expo event in Las Vegas reportedly leaked “Star Wars 8” and “Rogue One” trailers. The fans might also see a special footage on “Star Wars” celebration.

The news surfaced when the reputable journalist and Collider Editor-in-Chief Steven Weintraub posted a tweet. On the other hand, Melty notes that the “Star Wars” Celebration event might do the same thing.

“Rogue One” directors Gareth Edwards and Cathleen Kennedy and “Star War 8” actor Mark Hamill and Carrie fisher will be attending the “Star Wars” celebration in London this summer.

The EIC did not provide any information about the teaser aside from the tweet. In other news, speculations about “Star Wars 8” continue to soar on the Internet. The latest of which is the full details about Rey’s past.

Avid fan and blogger Stormtrooper Larry claimed that he got the script for the upcoming movie. Luke Skywalker allegedly revealed the Jedi secret, as written in the online journal.

“Luke tells Rey that the Jedi Order had been searching for The One (the reincarnation of the original founder of the Jedi) for millennia,” the blog stated. “When they found Anakin Skywalker and thought that he would bring balance to The Force, the Jedi were ‘deceived’ and the Clone Wars were the result.”

The lost mentor also revealed Rey’s origin. He unveiled that her family lived in a far away galaxy but his brother almost killed her.

Luckily, a strange, forceful tree saved her and it leads her to the Order of the Jedi. She allegedly made a comeback promise, or so the leak stated.

Fans are positive that Stormtrooper Larry is stating the accurate. Reddit users believe that the blogger has a good reputation and has stated accurate leaks in the past.

The appearance of a strange tree in Longcross studio also provided a strong point for the speculations. Meanwhile, “Echoes of the Dark Side,” The Fallen Knights”, and “Fall of the Resistance” could be its title.

But then, viewers might still need to wait for Episode VIII and before concluding anything. “Star Wars 8” premieres on Dec. 15, 2017, while “Rogue One” will be out on Dec. 14, 2016 .