Star Wars fans are among the most eager in the world. They scour websites and chat rooms online for info and theories about the upcoming film’s plot. They all want to know what happens next and who will win in the end. Given this, producers have taken extra precaution in guarding Star Wars 8 spoilers and secrets.

The franchise’s eighth main film won’t come out for another year and a half. The movie studio has upped the ante in terms of keeping all the major plot points under wraps. However, has their bid for secrecy proven too much for Star Wars actor Mark Hamill? Will Luke Sywalker himself tell all ahead of the movie’s premiere?

The actor’s contract prevents him from spilling the beans. However, according to Cinema Blend, all the secrecy has begun to take a toll on Hamill. The actor thinks some of the steps producers have taken just to prevent spoilers and leaks have become “really annoying and intrusive” already.

The actor recalled how their call sheets had no names. All the cast members just had a number, which can sometimes get confusing. Pages of their scripts are also shredded after every shooting day. The actor does recognize why they need to take extra care of secrets and spoilers, though. He knows it’s all for the audience’s viewing pleasure. He knows producers only want fans to know about the movie’s major shockers from the movie itself, and not from the Internet.

Meanwhile, Hamill isn’t the only actor forced to keep Star Wars 8 secrets. Actress Daisy Ridley recently had to cover her hair with a pillowcase to prevent fans from seeing her character Rey’s newest hairstyle.

Are you looking forward to seeing Luke Skywalker and Rey on screen again? Don’t hold your breath just yet. Star Wars 8 won’t hit the big screen until December 15, 2017.