Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill told their social media followers that they were done filming Star Wars 8. Their hearts are brimming with gratitude and excitement as filming is about to wrap in a few days.

The Force Awakens introduced Ridley as its main character and will continue her quest on the next film. There are rumors that she and Hamill will have a scene together.

The rumors became more plausible upon their announcement. The actress portraying Rey keeps it short and simple while Hamill deeply expresses his happiness about being part of the successful franchise.


According to Screen Rant, the production team will finish shooting on July 22. Some of the Star Wars 8 known film locations are in Ireland, Croatia and Pinewood Studios England.

Previously, John Boyega and Anthony Daniels, who play Finn and C-3PO, respectively, also announced that their parts were already a wrap.

While Daniels’ role is not a focal point of the film, many are surprised that Boyega finished earlier than Ridley. Therefore, fans are believing that episode VIII will tackle more of Luke and Rey’s relationship than a possible romance with Finn.

As per the previous report, there will be a scene that Luke Skywalker will reveal Rey’s origin. The reports hinted that her past and her powers have a connection with a strange tree.

Stormtrooper Larry began this theory with some plausible reasons. He also unveils that Rey has a family.

They were living in a galaxy far away but her brother tried to kill her. A tree saved her as she promised to return. This plot suggests that Luke is not the father of Rey.

On the other hand, iDigital Times also hinted that an upcoming novel with the title Star Wars: Aftermath: Life Debt  will also reveal the past of Supreme Leader Snoke. The website pointed out some evidence that he might be Rax.

Nonetheless, hardcore fans can only treat these speculations with a grain of salt and instead wait for Star Wars to come out in theaters on Dec. 15, 2017.