Online speculations about the Star Wars 8 movie might have answered the biggest question about Rey.

Director J.J. Abrams dropped a clue as to the identity of Rey’s parents. As it turns out, The Force Awakens did not feature her father and mother. Several Star Wars theorists posited the idea early on. Hence, the revelation debunks the earlier idea about a possible family relationship between Rey and Luke Skywalker.

This could also support the suggestion about a likely outcome of Rey’s and Luke’s meeting at the end of Episode 7. It theorized their conversation wherein he narrates the origin of the Jedi to her. Rey is presumed to be the girl saved by the strange tree. Furthermore, it hinted Luke would show her a vision of her parents.

Then again, would this tie in with another theory about Rey’s parents and the Jedi? This time around, it suggested their death at the hands of Luke Skywalker. His knowledge of the story and her past supposedly led him to kill her parents.

Yet it might also tie in with an earlier rumor suggesting her as the reincarnation of an earlier Force user, Movie Pilot surmised. The publication recalled the mention of a “Force sensitive tree” in the cosmic Shattered Empire. Then, it would mean her parents were ordinary folk. Therefore, while it might seem coincidental, it would appear to have great significance to the story.

Fans cannot seem to wait until it premieres late next year. Thus, theories about the possible plot of the Star Wars 8 movie flourish online. Their enthusiasm appears to be contagious, as even cast members seem eager to share details. Indeed, the secrecy clause which binds them to keep quiet about the plot did prove frustrating for some. Thus, fans can sometimes pick up only a few spoilers from them.

Will the Star Wars 8 movie reveal who Rey’s parents are?