Star Wars 8 will only be out next year yet the possible details about the plot have been overflowing on the Internet. To pique the interest of the public, the production team has been dropping some hints about the upcoming film.

Lucky are the fans who were able to attend the Star Wars Celebration in Europe last July 14-17. While many are wondering about the outcome of the next episode, director Rian Johnson talked about the exciting details about the next intergalactic flick.

As far as we are concerned, Star Wars 8 will  continue the story of The Force Awakens. Unlike the past sagas, Johnson said that they will try to do something new.

“We are gonna end up breaking kind of a longstanding Star Wars tradition, and for the first time, this movie is going to start right where the last one left off,” the director said via Laughing Place. “That last moment of VII, I want to see what happens next.”

Notably, The Force Awakens ended with Rey finally finding Luke Skywalker, who went in isolation. This event made the fans wonder about what the possible revelation would be.

First of the speculations is about Rey’s past. Although there are rumors that Luke might be his father, it appears that the Jedi might reveal something about her family.

According to Stormtrooper Larry, Luke will tell Rey that she used to live with her mother, father and brother but her brother tried to kill her.

However, a strange tree saved her. She promised to return to the place.

This leads to another guess that her power came from that old living thing. There is also a photo of the old tree in one of the Star Wars 8 location set.

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Another rumor is that she is the reincarnation of Darth Vader but it appears that the theory is just a hoax.

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