Star Wars 8 might finally reveal Mark Hamill’s fate as Luke Skywalker. Rey found him during the last part of The Force Awakens. Now, the fans are wondering about what’s going to happen next.

This article might contain spoilers so kindly read at your own risk.

Hamill might have accidentally dropped a huge spoiler in his last Twitter post. He shared a photo of himself, sporting the beard and the mustache.

While it kind of looks like a normal “selfie” photo, he did mention something about episode IX. Catch the tweet below:

This sparked a speculation among the fans that Hamill will not die in Star Wars 8. Otherwise, he might be a “Force ghost”.

Fans already know that the movie has been popular for killing their favorite characters (including Han Solo), so this might be sort of expected.

While his fate on the film is still under wraps, we can assume that he will still film in two more Star Wars films. Meanwhile, here is everything we know so far about the upcoming film.

First of all, the center of speculation is Rey’s origin, which is according to Stormtrooper Larry, will be out on Episode VIII.

As per the online journal, Luke reveals the origin of the Jedi by stating that there is a family with two children living on a planet far away. The family acquired their powers in a “strange old tree.”

However, the young boy killed his girl sibling and falls to the Dark Side. But thanks to the power of the tree because she found the Jedi Order instead.

Then, the girl who might be Rey, promises to go back. The blogger referenced the leak from a strange tree which was built at Longcross Studios.  The tree could be Luke’s Jedi Temple hiding place.

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