“Star Wars 8” movie updates have revealed Luke Skywalker’s real mission.

According to Movie Pilot, Luke Skywalker hid somewhere in the island where Rey was supposed to locate him. 

The source stated that Luke Skywalker decided to hide “out of remorse” because he was unable to stop Ben Solo from becoming Kylo Ren.

Theories mentioned that this was also the reason why he wanted to create another Jedi temple. This mission was not shown in the films since this was based on the “Star Wars” comics only.

Based on the classic “Star Wars” comics, Luke Skywalker has a real mission that was not revealed in the film series. However, the story said he retrieved two Force trees from an Imperial lab through Shara Bey’s help.

For those who are not familiar with Shara Bey’s identity, she is the mother of Poe Dameron. The story narrated that she received one Force tree to plant right in front of their home and another to grow in the Jedi temple.

Luke’s quest is to find another Jedi relic to put together a new Jedi order after several failed attempts.

Meanwhile, Saturday Nigh Live recently shared video clips of hilarious failed “Star Wars” auditions. Cinema Blend reported that the SNL cast created a skit from the videos shown months ago.

The idea of the skit was Lucasfilm offices being able to open their minds to the potential casting, which created unstoppable laughter from the audience.

What made the skit funnier was when Jon Hamm, Michael Buble and John Boyega joined in on the fun. They also included the “Star Wars” creator J.J. Lucas in the skit.

Watch the hilarious Saturday Night Live spoof on “Star Wars” auditions!

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