Fans are looking forward to seeing Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars 8” but it looks like they will see him for the last time. Various media reports have revealed that he might die in Episode VIII.

Mark Hamill, the actor who plays as Luke allegedly dropped a huge spoiler during an event in London. Den of Geek was able to capture his statement, and they quote : “I finish Episode VIII, and then I am out of work.”

After that, “Star Wars” fans assumed that it will be Luke Skywalker’s last movie. On the other hand, some theorize that he might die in the next film.

Disney and LucasFilm haven’t confirmed the rumors. Fortunately, Hamill went on to clarify his statement on Twitter.

“Star Wars 8” will continue where “The Force Awakens” left. That is where Rey met Luke Skywalker in the planet of Ahch-To where he was hiding in exile.

Movie Web noted that Rey might start her training under Luke’s mentorship. The website also reported that Kylo Ren had kidnapped Finn and Poe to Lure Rey into another Lightsaber duel.

On the other hand, the movie might reveal Rey’s past as well. According to previous reports, her powers must have come from a strange tree.

Luke will talk about Rey’s family as they used to live in a galaxy far away. However, her male sibling tried to kill her and she almost fell into the Dark Side. Thankfully, the strange tree saved her and she made a promise to come back.

Stormtrooper Larry linked the theory to a strange tree built at Longcross studio. The blogger  believes that it will be a significant location for the next movie.

Episode VII could also unveil the secrets of the Jedi.  Luke will talk about how the “Clone Wars started.”

“Luke tells Rey that the Jedi Order had been searching for The One (the reincarnation of the original founder of the Jedi) for millennia,” according to the leak. The blogger continued, stating that “When they found Anakin Skywalker and thought that he would bring balance to The Force, the Jedi were ‘deceived’ and the Clone Wars were the result.”

“Star Wars 8” premieres in theaters on Dec. 15, 2017.