Fans still have to wait for more than a year before “Star Wars 8” hit the theaters yet “leaked” plots are already making their way on the Internet. Some of which are the purportedly leaked script about Luke Skywalker talking about the Jedi secrets. Possible spoilers ahead so kindly ready at your own risk.

On blog “Stormtrooper Larry” a blogger claimed that he had the script for the Episode VIII as he listed some plausible events happening on the upcoming “Star Wars” saga. The writer unveils some excerpts from Luke and Rey’s conversation.

“Luke tells Rey that the Jedi Order had been searching for The One (the reincarnation of the original founder of the Jedi) for millennia,” according to the leak. “When they found Anakin Skywalker and thought that he would bring balance to The Force, the Jedi were ‘deceived’ and the Clone Wars were the result.”

Another important detail was also written on his blog as Luke Skywalker also revealed Rey’s origin. According to a previous report, her force is connected to a strange tree.

Luke told Rey that there was a family with two children living on a planet far away but the young boy killed his girl sibling and falls to the Dark Side.However, the power of the tree leads Rey to the Jedi Order instead.

The plot was created due to a strange tree which was built at Longcross Studios that will be shown once “Star Wars 8” arrive on big screens. Meanwhile, the leaked script also suggests that Luke is not the father of Rey, which was earlier speculated.

Thus, Some Reddit users believe that the blog might be correct, claiming that Stormtrooper Larry’s previous blogs were accurate. The newest details add hype to the upcoming film.

Meanwhile, the title for the next episode are still under wraps, but some reports revealed that it might be among “The Fall of the Resistance“, “The Fallen Knights,” and “Echoes of the Dark Side.”

“Star Wars 8” kicks off in cinemas on Dec. 15, 2017.