The Force Awakens surprised Star Wars fans by introducing new characters such as Rey and Kylo Ren. Since Star Wars 8 is drawing near, the actor behind the new villain reveals something about the upcoming movie.

Adam Driver portrays Kylo Ren amazingly. His involvement in the film as Han Solo’s son brought another perspective to the intergalactic movie. However, Driver said that the upcoming flick would mirror the previous saga, Empire Strikes Back.

The actor dropped some hints during his interview with Collider. “For that people always go ‘oooh, it’s dark’ but I don’t know that it necessarily is,” the 32-year old actor said.

“It’s just different in tone in a way that I think is great and necessary but also very clear. He [director Rian Johnson] trusts [that] his audience is ready for nuance and ambiguity. He’s not dumbing anything down for someone and that’s really fun to play,” Driver added.

The production team has been strict when it comes to revealing the plot for Star Wars 8. So far, avid fans can only come up with creative theories about Rey’s past, her relation to Kylo Ren, and the secrets of the Jedi.

So far, the only popular guess about the much-awaited movie is the force of a strange tree. According to Stormtrooper Larry, Luke Skywalker will tell Rey that she had a family.

However, her brother tried to kill him but thanks to that strange tree, it saved her. In return, she promises to go back. Apart from that, there are few plot rumors, but this one has been on the Internet for quite a while.

Star Wars 8 will be out on theaters on December 15, 2017. The movie features the previous film’s cast members Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver, Mark Hamill, and more. The trailer is still a long way so stay tuned for more updates.