If there’s one heroine who stole the show in “Star Wars: Force Awakens,” it would definitely be Rey. She was just a scavenger at the beginning. But she soon discovered she had latent Force sensitivity.  But no one, not even she herself, knows who her family is. Fans have long been speculating who Rey’s father and mother are. But has an artist accidentally revealed her whole family lineage?

Movie Pilot seems to think so. According to the film blog, a painting that recently went up for sale holds a clue to Rey’s origins. Or rather, the title of said painting suggests that Rey is secretly related to one fairly famous Jedi. The painting in question was created by a Filipino artist named Rodel Gonzalez. The painter is among a handful of artists who actually have the license from Disney and Lucas Films to paint “Star Wars” characters and scenes.

The painting depicts Rey as she was seen in “The Force Awakens.” But what had everyone talking is its title: “Rey Skywalker.” The painting is the “first hint” that suggests Rey’s latent Force sensitivity comes from her father’s side. Does this mean Luke Skywalker really is  Rey’s father? This has yet to be confirmed by Disney and Lucas Films themselves. As Movie Pilot pointed out, “this isn’t 100 percent official.”

However, Yibada thinks it’s still a solid theory, though. As the blog pointed out in their report, Rey was able to “effortlessly” pick up a light saber at her first try in Episode VII. This would have been a difficult feat for someone untrained like she’s supposedly was.

Do you think Rey is really a Skywalker? You might have to wait for the franchise’s next installment to confirm this rumor. Rey is set to return on the big screen for “Star Wars: Episode VIII” next year.