Star Wars 8 is still more than a year away but speculations about what will happen are already out online. This includes the theory that Luke Skywalker killed Rey’s parents.

Die hard fans of the intergalactic saga must have watched The Force Awakens, wherein Rey found the estranged Jedi in isolation. The movie ended on the scene and moviegoers are wondering what will happen next.

Since then, many of the fans are speculating about different angles. One of which is that, Luke might have murdered Rey’s mother and father.

Reddit users have been creative when it comes to plot theories. But the question that caught our attention was the possibility of the aforementioned theory.

“What if we find out Luke did kill Rey’s parents, what if that first rage inside Rey, her emotional attachments to her new friends, etc lead to her downfall?”

Additionally, the user also added that it would be possible that Kylo Ren will turn out to be the hero. While this might sound like a crazy plot as ever, fans can never tell what will happen until Star Wars 8 is out.

Meanwhile, the previous reports were also about other things that might occur in the much-awaited film. Since episode VII reveals Rey living alone in Jakku, the plot about her parent’s origin surfaces.

While some think that her mother will be on Rogue One, Stormtrooper Larry unveils that her parents are already dead. According to the Star Wars 8 blogger, Luke will tell everything to Rey- including the secrets of the Jedi.

According to the online journal, Luke reveals the origin of the Jedi by stating that there is a family with two children living on a planet far away. A “strange old tree” provides that family’s powers. Then, after some time, the young boy killed his girl sibling and falls to the Dark Side.

Then, the young boy killed his girl sibling and falls to the Dark Side. But the tree saved the girl, presumed to be Rey.

While this debunks the previous theories that Luke is Rey’s father, this might be one of the plausible reasons why the Redditor speculates that he could have killed her parents. He knows the story and Rey’s past.

However, Star Wars 8 production team are yet to comment on the rumors. The movie will be out on December 15, 2017.