It is now well known that the Rian Johnson-directed Star Wars Episode VIII has shot scenes between Rey and Luke Skywalker in Skellig Michael island, Ireland. It was also revealed that the film crew were spotted in Dubrovnik, Croatia, transforming some of the shops and buildings there into alien locations. New photos from the Dubrovnik sets have emerged online. Some news has also surfaced that County Donegal in Ireland could also serve as a location for the eighth film in the space saga. Another most interesting rumour is that Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams) could return for Episode VIII.

Two articles from Making Star Wars website have emerged. The first article dated March 11 shows a scene being filmed of a black-clad figure being thrown into the air, possibly as a result of a force push. The second article dated March 13 reveals more set pictures from Dubrovnik, including some of the new aliens in the film, all of the men wearing prosthetic masks, thankfully. It appears that like its predecessor, Episode VIII will also rely on a lot of practical effects.

Other pictures reveal a prop head of a large equine alien animal which notes reminds them of “an intriguing combination of an Empire Strikes Back Tauntaun design, that of a Kaadu (The Phantom Menace), and that of a terrestrial horse.” Their sources have testified that the horseman’s jacket was brownish in colour which could mean that Finn (John Boyega) would be riding the creature in the film.

A Dubrovnik source of also revealed that a procession of characters in costume descended to Banje beach, likely to shoot some scenes there. The source also reports two speculations. Dubrovnik could stand in for Han Solo’s homeworld of Corellia and Lando Calrissian could be making a comeback. The message could be read below.


Our friend, photographer Nikša Duper of CROPIX, snapped this a while ago, prior to a costumed cast procession descending toward the Banje beach, in the vicinity of the Dubrovnik Excelsior Hotel … Looks interesting, indeed, as the crew has obviously exited the Old City nucleus for the sake of today’s shooting!

And for the end, an intriguing speculation that popped up as a tidbit among us, Croato-Americans affiliated with the assistant Dubrovnik film crew, but allegedly circulating online for a while as well: as Episode VIII should start immediately subsequent to Episode VII’s Skellig Michael encounter and shortly following Han Solo’s demise. Could a rumored Lando Calrissian’s appearance signify that the Dubrovnik scenery actually represents Solo’s home world of Corellia?!

We’ll definitely have to wait a bit and see whether our predictions prove true … Emoji

Regards from Croatia!”

Blabba the Hutt has posted some photos from the Inishowen peninsula in County Donegal and reports that the location is being scouted to film more scenes of Rey and Luke, possibly with the runaway Jedi training the young scavenger.

More pictures of an action sequence involving a different-looking landspeeder and two extras atop the previously mentioned horse-like creature were revealed by The Daily Mail and TMZ.