“Star Wars 8” continues to stir the curiosity of fans who want to know what’s next for the franchise. A recent revelation by John Boyega could be the game changer many are waiting for.

So far, most of what’s been said about the movie are about its great script and Rian Johnson. Hence, the disclosure of a new lead is certainly interesting, WhatCulture remarked.

Boyega teased about “Star Wars 8” at the special UK screening of the documentary “Secrets of the Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey.” Boyega revealed that Kelly Marie Tran is the new lead of episode VIII. WhatCulture surmised about her character’s connection to the Resistance and John Boyega seems confident that she will be great in the lead. The publication based this on the fact that Daisy Ridley was also an unknown actress when tapped for the lead of “Star Wars 7.”

Entertainment Weekly noted that Tran’s inclusion is significant to the diversity of the Star Wars universe, which began with “The Force Awakens.” Not much is known about Tran except that she is one of the new cast members of “Star Wars 8” along with Benicio Del Toro and Laura Dern. Her role in the movie is still a mystery.

Movieweb took note of Tran’s notable acting roles to date. She’s appeared in “Comedy Bang! Bang!” “Ladies Like Us,” and “About a Boy.” Tran is also part of the upcoming feature, “XOXO.”

Meanwhile, Mark Hamill remains inseparable from Daisy Ridley. They spend a lot of time rehearsing on set. However, a recent tweet of Hamill might suggest he has a new role in the film, Vulture reported. Could Luke Skywalker be the new Yoda?

The familiar pose is reminiscent of when Luke Skywalker carried Yoda on his back while training. Before fans get worked up, Vulture pointed out that the duo merely recreated the iconic image for fun. Hamill used it to tweet his birthday greeting to co-star Ridley who just turned 24. Nevertheless, the tweet managed to draw cheers online.